by NomadX

A bit of Entertainment for those with nothing better to do



Level of Completion


100% | From the Pad of NomadX

My first completed work. What else can I say?

100% | Son of Pad

The flashy big budget sequel

100% | Rude Awakenings

A father daughter outing leads to the final chapter in the Epic Trilogy.

100% | TRANSCRIPT_43685T--9-3-00

a conversation overheard in a near by club

100% | Digital Girl in the 21st Century

fun and games in a little grey box

100% | Breaking Point

an almost submission to the late Brian Taylor Real Estate Project.

Sometimes you just can't take it anymore.

100% | The Song Remains the Same

a Trent -centric piece starring Daria and Jane

40% | Jesnon the wandering minstrel (trailer)

a tale of Moreno family ancestry with a few gratuitous guest stars.